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The LUDUS training simulator for emergency corps offers an experience in tactical decision-making process in interventions of emergency corps, such as firefighters, rescue teams or police.

This virtual training allows practicing different scenarios with ever-changing dangers and weather conditions. A safe setting in which the decision-making process is registered and the system evaluates the skills in the tactical decision-making process in an individual or group level.

This system works as an additional training tool to optimize resources and enhance the efficiency of professionals.

Working group and scope of action:

›› Public management: emergencies, environment and transport

›› Firefighters

›› Police

›› Military

›› Rescue teams

Oversight and control role

  • The system allows the participation of a supervisor or a prevention officer to analyze the simulation on the spot and can be shown to other workers of the plant.
  • A real-time interaction is offered to add new risks lead to accidents or give indications to help the worker identify any risks properly.

Statistics and performance obtained

  • Register and store all decisions taken by workers that have been practicing with the simulation.
  • Generate reports and statistics to monitor the progress of any worker.


  • Increase the frequency of training sessions.
  • Encourage the readiness in decision-making process in complex scenarios under pressure and in real time.
  • Consolidate and evaluate the theoretical knowledge acquired regarding settlement procedures in emergency situations.
  • Coordinated action of individual and elements involved in an emergency situation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation in an automated and more effective way for an individual and organizational level training process.
  • Diversify any kind of emergency scenarios.
  • Introduce hard or expensive conditions difficult to simulate in a usual way.



Virtual reality training for industry and emergency