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Group Iturri – Prevention of Occupational Risks Simulator

Group Iturri – Prevention of Occupational Risks Simulator

LUDUS carried out a customized simulation of the truck manufacturing Plant of Group Iturri. This way, the operator are able to interact with the manufacturing plant, where the fire trucks’ assembly are carried out.


The objective of the operators is to examine the plant and its workers, being able to warn them if it is considered that they are breaking any security rule. When the tour is finished, the number of correct and wrong answers are shown.


  • The number of occupational accidents are reduced.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Enhancement of learning effectiveness.
  • Close-up monitoring of every operator’s knowledge.
  • Assistance in the decision-making process and perception of consequences.
  • Evaluation of the progress of each user and report generation available via web and mobile.

Scenarios and simulated risks

Three different scenarios had been recreated in the simulation:

Scenario 1: Plant risks

The scenario of plant risks recreates a manufacturing plant of Iturri, where it can be seenworkers working in the truck manufacture process. The user must find the risks and handle them properly.

Scenario 2: LOTO Process

The LOTO process scenarios covers all verification process of voltage failure in a control cabinet. To do so, the corresponding security process has been carried out. The user interact with every required objects in a table.

Scenario 3: Exhibitor

The exhibitor works as a display of virtual showroom, displaying one of Iturri’s truck. You can interact with doors and shutters of the truck using the controls.

In LUDUS we adapt the project to the requirements of every client, recreating custom environments and risky situations. If you have any proposal or need more info, do not doubt in contacting us.

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