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Ludus TECH

LUDUS technology offers virtual reality simulators for industry and emergency services training, promoting an immersive learning in the optimization of work processes and efficiency in both sectors.

Thanks to our experience in research and development of LUDUS technology in last years, no custom project starts from scratch. We have a long trajectory and technological specialization that allows us to create products with a solid and steady foundation, reducing times for developments.

LUDUS TECH characteristics

1Simulation system

The simulation system is the project base that allows developing different situations depending on a context in which the users could realize their training. It is composed by the following units:

Weather unit

›› The variability of weather conditions is essential for outdoors drills. Taking the full control of the simulation, we have developed a system that allows changing any kind of climatic conditions, such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, wind…

Physics unit

›› Randomness is a key factor in this kind of tools. Instead of employing preconfigured values, the elements of the simulation system should be realistic. This is the main characteristic of our simulation system, since the scenario presents elements with very high approaching to reality, such as a change of winds, contact with an accelerant, commanding decisions, and much more.

Fire/smoke management unit

›› Fire and smoke management unit allows the exact reproduction of a situation of fire, which increases dramatically the risk catalogue to recreate.

Fluid management unit

›› The reproduction of fluid situations in a simulation allows to generate different situations, such as leaks, spills, floods, and much more.

100% realistic scenarios

›› The realism achieved in the scenarios and in interaction objects is a essential factor that makes users forget being in an simulator created by a computer. To obtain a better efficiency in the training process, it is important to scenarios to be highly realistic and recognizable  by the users.

2Monitoring system

The monitoring systems allow a great level of interaction with the group of staff, allowing to adjust each simulation to the subject in the field sought to be improved.

3Statistics system

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages LUDUS Tech is to show individual and group evolution in the trainings with clear and precise information. Thanks to the statistics system, it is very easy to detect any step to be improved and some behaviors that could be avoided in real-life scenarios before them actually happening.

4Multi-user systems

It is proved that collaborative learning has substantial advantages, enhancing the acquisition of knowledge of learners. Consequently, we have integrated a multi-user system that allows more than one individual sharing a simulation in real time.

5Voice control system

Voice control system allows users to communicate through voice command, as if they were talking with each other. In this way, the user withdraws from the simulation per se, giving a higher sense of realism.

6Virtual Reality

Virtual reality system enables an immersive training and an efficient learning without the need of any physical movement or real risk exposure by means of realistic 3D environments and a hardware kit of high performance.

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