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Firefighter training simulator

Firefighter training simulator

The firefighter services simulator is a system for virtual training of different kinds of services procedures of fire extinguishing and rescuing interventions.

It is a practical tool oriented to the execution of corporals and sergeants, in which extinguishing and rescuing scenarios are created virtually so that they have to take the appropriate strategic decisions with successful intervention.

Thanks to the virtual reality and the recreations of realistic environments in 3D it is possible for individuals in command to experiment with risky situations in a completely safe way.


  • Immersive first person experience.
  • Realistic scenarios and effects.
  • Intuitive controls to interact with the simulation.


  • Decision-making register.
  • Monitoring of the user progress.


  • Realistic behavior of fire – smoke – fluids.
  • Physics engine to simulate collisions and speed.
  • Dynamic weather system to change environmental conditions.


  • Inspection of the simulation in real time.
  • Interaction to create new conflicts and modify the intervention’s course.


  • Fire extinguishing
  • Rescue
  • Prevention Squads
  • Hazardous materials
  • Ship fires
  • Traffic accidents


  • Port area
  • Airport
  • Forest area
  • Customizable home buildings


  • Training in a realistic virtual environment with no risk for the worker.
  • Replicate situations hard to simulate in real life.
  • A better perception and understanding of the mistakes made thanks to the decision-making process and evaluation.
  • Immediate training that does not need any logistic requirement.
  • Make use of the waiting times during guard duties.

Other applications

  • Forest fire
  • Fire in houses
  • Releases

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The LUDUS firefighter services simulator is adapted to any customer recreating custom scenarios and risky situations. If you have any specific proposal or you need more info, do not hesitate to contact us.

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