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Forklift VR Simulator

Forklift VR Simulator

The forklift simulator recreates different stages with didactic content to learn and improve the skills needed to drive and handle freights with the forklift.

This simulator enable learners to work with the machinery the same way as they were in their workplace. Therefore, the behavior of the forklift has been recreated in a completely realistic way, which includes:

›› Weight and proportions of the machinery, 100% realistic.

›› Turning radius, speed-acceleration, 100% realistic.

›› Freight friction and weight to handle, 100% realistic.

Training exercises

Control understanding

  • Familiarization with the forklift’s control.

Basic driving

  • Slalom exercises.
  • Driving forward through different beacon delimited circuits.
  • Driving backward through different beacon delimited circuits.
  • Parking.

Freight driving

  • Driving through different circuits with freights.
  • Driving with freights in balance and slopes.
  • Risk of tipping management in different surfaces (Bumps-speed bumps-greasy surfaces…)

Freight manipulation

  • Simple loading and unloading
  • Stack and unstack freights
  • Loading and unloading on different heights
  • Loading- driving- unloading

Advanced freight manipulation

  • Loading and unloading a truck
  • Manipulation of different freights (long- high or voluminous freights)

Environmental awareness

  • Being aware of different factors of the workplace during forklifts activities.
  • Estimation of safety distances.


›› This special mode is thought to be used in a fee way, putting into practice everything learned in the exercises. The learner must load some freight from the starting point and unload them in the final destination.

›› The different kinds of objectives, freights and risks desired to be practiced can be easily chosen at the beginning of the practice.

›› The simulator will generate automatically a scenario with all the chosen conditions to be practiced.

›› The practice mode has been specially created for those who want to test again after having completed all the learning content.


Safe setting

›› Training in a realistic virtual scenario, with no risks for workers.
›› Practice in risky situations or with hazardous materials with no risks to hurt people or damage work tools.
›› A better perception and understanding of the mistakes made thanks to the decision making process and evaluation.
›› Availability to practice the exercises without using real-life materials.

Cut down costs

›› Autonomous learning system, not requiring a special person to be implemented.
›› Reduces the number accidents thanks to the training and the continuous evaluation of workers. Our simulations maintain a motivating learning system.
›› Driving and handling training in a limited space.

Other applications

  • Cranes / Mobile cranes
  • Reach Stacker or empty container handler
  • Trucks / Trains
  • Other industrial vehicles

Related projects

The LUDUS forklift simulator adapts to each customer creating custom environments and risky scenarios. If you have any specific proposal or you need more info, do not hesitate to contact us.

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