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Risk prevention

Risk prevention

LUDUS offers a virtual training system for industry staff providing identification and decision-making processes related to occupational risk scenarios.

Virtual reality technology allows the workers to recreate realistic risky situations in first person, enhancing the perception of risk detection and creating a better awareness of the consequences of those situations.

The simulation provides a safe environment to practice the decision-making process dealing with any risks.

Simulated risks

Risk of falling from different heights


Being trapped


Risk of falling objects

Non-signalized risks

Advantages and solutions

  • Decrease the number of accidents at work.
  • Cut down costs.
  • Enhance the efficiency of the learning process.
  • Close monitoring of the awareness of each worker.
  • Help in the decision-making process and perception of the consequences.
  • Progress the evaluation of each user and generate reports accessible via web/mobile phone.
  • Expandable simulations with new packages of occupational risks (chemicals-electrical-psychosocial…)

Other applications

  • Falling from heights
  • Handling of hazardous materials
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Tag out – takeout processes
  • Falling objects hanging in the air

Related projects

The LUDUS occupational risks simulator system adapts to each customer creating custom environments and risky scenarios. If you have any specific proposal or you need more info, do not hesitate to contact us.

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